Winter 2012 Schedule

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January 10: Joachim Quack, “”New Sources for Imhotep and His Veneration”

January 17: Paul Vadan, “Hellenism in the Wake of the Galatian Invasion”

January 24: Jean-Jacques Aubert, TBA

January 31: Felix  Pirson, “Pergamon and its Maritime Satellite Elaia: New Research on Urban Space and the Territory of a Hellenistic Capital”

February 3-4: CONFERENCE: The Urban Economy in the Roman World (Organized by Emanuel Meyer and Cam Hawkins). For conference schedule, see

February 14: Joe Manning, “At the intersection of law and economics: transaction costs and Ptolemaic governance”

February 21: Megan Nutzman, TBA

February 28: Josh Cannon, “”Transmission of Myth and Motif across the Bronze Age Aegean”

March 13: Edward Harris,  “A New Approach to Credit and Real Security in Classical Athens”


All workshops, unless otherwise noted, will be held at 3:30 pm in Classics 21

If you have any questions, please contact Kassandra Jackson at


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  • “Texts and Archaeology”

    The 2012-2014 theme of the Ancient Societies Workshop is "Texts and Archaeology," considering the relationship between documentary texts and archaeological work in the practice of ancient history. We hope to explore the connections and tensions between texts and material as sources of evidence, to study ancient documents in their contexts of use and production, and to evaluate the history of their use, re-use, reception, and disposal. This workshop aims to promote conversation among philologists, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, and art historians regarding historical and comparative contextualization in the evaluation of these materials.

    Our interdisciplinary workshop always welcomes the participation of anyone studying the history of the ancient world. Please contact Kate (klagnew [at] with any questions, and please join our mailing list for additional announcements.