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Schedule of Presenters for Fall Quarter 2011

Below is the planned schedule of meetings for the fall term.


Oct 7th – Introductory session and roundtable discussion

Oct 20th – Matthew Johnson (Assistant Professor, History, Grinnell College) Co-sponsored with Transregional Histories Workshop

*note that this sessions will be held on a Thursday, and will meet in a different room and time (likely Social Sciences 224 from 4PM to 6PM)

Nov 4th – William Feeney (PhD Candidate, Linguistic Anthropology, University of Chicago)

Nov 11th – Andrew Kipnis (Senior Fellow, Anthropology, Australian National University)

Nov 18th – Yuki Takinami (PhD candidate, Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago)

Dec 2nd – Kathryn Tanaka (PhD candidate, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago)


The workshop meets Fridays between 3PM and 5PM in room 313 of Judd Hall unless otherwise noted.

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