Distinguished Guest Speaker: Professor Harvey Molotch (April 6, 12PM-1.15PM, Stuart 101)

By , March 28, 2011 5:11 pm

Please join us in welcoming our distinguished guest speaker Harvey Molotch on Wednesday April 6th, 12PM-1.15PM in Stuart 101.

Harvey Molotch is Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and Sociology at New York University. His areas of interest include urban development and political economy; the sociology of architecture, design, and consumption; environmental degradation; mechanisms of interactional inequalities. Major publications include Urban Fortunes: The Political Economy of Place (1987) and Where Stuff Comes From: How Toasters, Toilets, Cars, Computers and Many Other Things Come to Be as They Are (2003).

At the City, Society and Space workshop, Professor Molotch will present on:

“Default to Decency: Subways, Airports, and Other Sites of Ambiguous Danger”


Paying close attention to both physical artifact and states of anxiety, Harvey Molotch examines how citizens and workers, in accomplishing their routine activities, help secure urban environments. He recommends, in light of contrasting efforts by authorities, specific (and material) policies that would provide more benign outcomes.

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