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The Contemporary European Philosophy Workshop seeks to foster a space of ongoing and interdisciplinary dialogue among students and faculty from across the humanities and social sciences working with and within Continental philosophical traditions.
The aim of the workshop is twofold: First, to give students the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their work in the context of a supportive conversation with colleagues and peers; second, to have a regular occasion to meet and discuss European philosophy in its historical and contemporary development, its relationship to other philosophical traditions, and the central theoretical role it has come to play in disciplines across the humanities and social sciences.
Our format for the Autumn will consist of an initial introduction and plenary meeting, followed by a second meeting in which our three faculty advisors lead the group in reading a relevant philosophical text from the 20th-century Continental tradition. From the third meeting on, the workshop will be wholly devoted to graduate student presentations, and beginning in the Winter quarter we will also host invited guest speakers from other institutions in Chicago and elsewhere.  The CEPW sessions typically take one of three forms: 1) a presentation of a graduate student paper, and commentary from a colleague, 2) discussion of a text by a major European thinker, or 3) a talk given by an invited guest speaker.  Possible figures to be discussed include: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze, Gadamer, Hadot, Heidegger, Levinas, Merleau-Ponty, de Beauvoir, Sartre, Kristeva, Irigaray, and Fanon, amongst others.
If you are interested in presenting, or in being added to the listserv, please contact one of the graduate student coordinators (below).

Faculty Sponsors: Raoul Moati (Philosophy), Arnold Davidson (Philosophy)

Graduate Student coordinators: Daniel Wyche (Divinity) and Francey Russell (Philosophy).

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