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The Contemporary European Philosophy Workshop presents:

Simon Gurofsky (PhD Student, Philosophy Department, University Chicago)

Merleau-Ponty and Transformativity



Wednesday May 14th 4:30-6:30 in Cobb 402.

Paper available on our download page.

Persons with disabilities who need any assistance should contact Francey Russell russellf@uchicago.edu

Spring 2014

April 30th (Week 5)

Jaime Edwards, Philosophy, University of Chicago:

“Morality, Metaphysics, Religion, Political Theory, Jurisprudence, Economics, and other Humbug: Marx on Ideology”


May 14th (Week 7)

Simon Gurofsky, Philosophy, University of Chicago:

“Merleau-Ponty and Transformation”




Fall 2013

October 2 (Week 1)

Introductory Meeting and Planning Session


October 16 (Week 3)

Reading and discussion of Levinas’ “Enigma & Phenomena.” “Useless Suffering” & “The Sense of History” with Professors Arnold Davidson, Sarah Hammerschlag & Raoul Moati; texts available here on the downloads page.


October 30 (Week 5)

Dawn Herrera Helphand (Social Thought),”Normativity, Freedom, Domination: Challenges for Foucaultian Political Thought”


November 13 (Week 7)

Matteo Vagelli (Divinity School/ Scuola Alti Studi Fondazione San Carlo, Modena)


November 27 (Week 9): No Meeting (Day before Thanksgiving)

December 4 (Week 10): TBA

December 11 (Week 11): Tentative: No Meeting




April 2

Daniel Wyche (University of Chicago, graduate student)

“The Practice of Dignity: The Care of the Self, Relations of Power, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott”


April 16

Laurent Perreau (University of Picardie – Amiens)

“Husserl and Schütz on Common Sense”


April 23

Maxime Doyon (McGill University)

“The Problem of Perceptual Presence in Enactive and Transcendental Phenomenology”


May 7

Ross Jacobs (University of Chicago, graduate student)

“From the Aesthetics of Captivity to ‘das Spiel der Freiheit’: Friedrich Schiller and Immanuel Kant on the Theatricality of the Neo-Medieval Culture Industry and the Prophetic Burdens of Modern Political Philosophy”


May 14

Christoph Menke (University of Frankfurt)

“Hegel’s Theory of Liberation: Law, Freedom, History, Society”


May 21

Davey Tomlinson (University of Chicago, graduate student)

“What do Buddhist philosophers think about? Preliminary notes on self-consciousness and the objective forms of experience in Buddhist idealism”






January 9           

Sarah Hammerschlag (Williams College, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Chicago):

“A Splinter in the Flesh: Levinas and the Resignification of Jewish Suffering, 1928-1946.”


January 23

Tuomo Tiisala (University of Chicago, graduate student):

“Keeping It Implicit: A Defense of Foucault’s Conception of Discursive Norms”


February 6            

Audrey Wasser (University of Chicago, Harper-Schmidt Fellow)

“Toward an Ontology of Literature: Deleuze on Determination and Individuation”


February 20           

Andrew Werner (University of Chicago, graduate student)

“Non-Normative Ethics: Some Themes from Agamben”


March 5           

Nathan Phillips (University of Chicago, graduate student)

“‘Between the Scylla and Charybdis’: Edmund Husserl’s 1906/07 Lectures on Logic and Theory of Knowledge”





October 3             

Organizational meeting


October 17           

Martina Mengoni (School of Advanced Studies, Fondazione San Carlo):

“The Gray Zone, Power, and Privilege in Primo Levi”


October 31            

Daniele Lorenzini (Université Paris-Est Créteil & La Sapienza, Rome):

“Aesthetics of Existence, Eternal Stoicism or Moral Perfectionism? Foucault, Hadot and Cavell between Ethics and Politics”


November 14           

Martina Tazzioli (Department of Politics, Goldsmiths College, London):

“Countermapping the Governmentality of Human Mobility: Migrants’ Struggles, Practices of Resistance, and Regime of Discursivity”


November 28

Silvia Lami (University of Pisa):

“Norms, and the Construction of Subjects: Politics and Ethics of Deaf Subjectivity”




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