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ECSW Schedule 2014-2015

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Apse Mosaic of the Transfiguration from St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mt. Sinai (ca. 548-565 CE).  


All meetings are on Monday, 4:30-6:00pm in S200, unless otherwise noted.


Fall 2014


  • October 6 – Allison Gray (Chicago) – “Training the Eyes: manipulation and deception in the Life of Gregory Thaumaturgus.”
  • October 20 – Prof. Clare Rothschild (Lewis University) – “The Muratorian Fragment as Fraud”
  • November 10 – Prof. Paula Fredriksen (Boston University) – “How Later Contexts Affect Pauline Content; or, Retrospect is the Mother of Anachronism.”  – cosponsored by the Dean’s office.  Note: This meeting will take place in Swift 201.
  • November 17 – Seon Yong Kim (Chicago) – “Paul and the Stoic Theory of Οκείωσις: A Response to Troels Engberg-Pedersen.”
  • December 1 – Brandon Cline (Chicago) – “How Many Apologies Did Justin Write?  A Review and Appraisal of Recent Proposals.” 


Winter 2015


  • January 12 – Dale Walker (Chicago) – Pedagogy Session: “How to Choose a Textbook, or, Why I Wrote My Own”
  • January 26 – Prof. Chris Faraone (Chicago Classics) – “The Miniature Silver Shrines of the Ephesian Artemis (Luke Acts 19.23): Souvenirs, Votives or Domestic Amulets?”
  • February 9 – (Rescheduled) – Matthijs den Dulk (Chicago) – “Justin, Luke, and the Seven Jewish Heresies”
  • February 16 – Prof. Tobias Nicklas (University of Regensburg) – Public lecture: “Jewish, Christian, Greek? The Apocalypse of Peter as a Witness of Early Second Century Christianity in Alexandria” – (Swift Hall Common Room at 4:30 PM)
  • February 17 – Special ECSW Workshop at 12:00 PM with Prof. Tobias Nicklas (University of Regensburg) – “Non-Canonical ‘Landscapes of Memory’: Christian Apocrypha and Pilgrimage” (paper will be pre-distributed) – (Swift Hall Common Room)
    • You can download the workshop paper here (UChicago credentials required).
  • February 23 – Prof. David Brakke (Ohio State University) – Public lecture: “Shenoute the Great (347-465) and the Invention of Early Christian Literature: Making an Author” – (Swift Hall Common Room at 4:30 PM)
  • February 24 – Special ECSW Workshop at 12:00 PM with Prof. David Brakke (Ohio State University) – “The Gospel of Judas, ‘Sethians,’ and ‘Gnostics’: An Emendation to My Argument in The Gnostics” (paper will be pre-distributed) – (Swift Hall Common Room)
    • You can download the workshop papers here and here (UChicago credential required).
  • February 24 – Prof. Karin Krause (Chicago) – “What Became of the Constantinian Labarum?” - this workshop is cosponsored by the Late Antiquity and Byzantium Workshop and will be held in CWAC 152
  • March 9 – Sean Hannan (Chicago) – “Augustine on Angels, Demons, & Historical Knowledge in City of God IX”
    • You can download the workshop paper here (UChicago credentials required). 


Spring 2015


  • April 6 – Doug Hoffer (Chicago) – “A Covenant Ratified by God: Paul’s Reading of Genesis 12-22 in Galatians 3:17”
  • April 21 – Jas Elsner (Oxford) – “Relic, Icon and Architecture: The Material Articulation of the Holy in Eastern Christian Art” 
  • May 11 – John Behr (St Vladimir’s Seminary) – “The Apocalypse of the Cross: The Gospel of John and the Beginning of Christian Theology”
    • You can download the workshop paper here (UChicago credentials required).
  • May 18 – Matthew Knotts (Leuven) – “The Antecedent of all Reality: Augustine’s Reception of John in the Tractates and Beyond”


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