Past Schedules


     10/5  Thomas Khurana, Frankfurt: “You can because you ought to”: Kant on the Relation of Ought and Can
     10/12 Sally Sedgwick, UIC: Freedom and Necessity in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right and Philosophy of History
     10/19 Sam Levey, Dartmouth: Unity, Borrowed Reality, and Multitude in Leibniz
     11/2 Tucker McKinney, UofC: Formulating Heideggerian Ontological Pluralism
     11/16 Ian Blecher, Pitt: “Kant’s Principles of Modality”
     11/29 Francey Russell, UofC: “Bringing the good into view”

     1/18 Sandra Lapointe, McMasterBolzano, Quine and Logical Truth 
     1/25 Andy Werner, UofC: Immediacy in Hegel’s Science of Logic
     2/8 Clinton Tolley, UCSD: Kant, Bolzano, Frege, and the universalist conception of logic
     2/22 Rachel Zuckert, Northwestern: Kant’s Hidden Antinomy
     3/8 Sheela Kumar, UofC: Kant’s Philosophy of Right

     4/5 Daniel Smyth, UofC
     4/11-12 Mary Domski, UNM: (Two joint meetings with EMP Workshop – note special times and places): Kant and Newton on the a priori necessity of geometry
     4/19 Steven Galt Crowell, Rice University
     5/10 Tom Evnen, UofC
     5/17 Anja Jauernig, Pitt: (Joint meeting, EMP Workshop)
     5/31 Marko Malink , UofC: (Joint meeting, Wittgenstein Workshop)




September 30

Adrian Haddock (University of Stirling)

“Self-Conscious Perceptual Knowledge”


October 13 *special Thursday meeting* Wieboldt 408, 4:30pm

Sebastian Rödl (Universität Basel)

“Testimony and Generality”


October 14 (joint meeting with Wittgenstein Workshop)

Sebastian Rödl (Universität Basel)

“Joint Action and Plural Self-Consciousness”


October 21

Hans Fink (Universität Aarhus)

“Hard, Soft, and Absolute Naturalism”


November 10 *special Thursday meeting: 4:30pm, Wieboldt 408*

Clark Remington (University of Chicago)

“Heidegger meets Rödl: Originary Temporality as a System of Forms of Predicative Unity”




December 2

Rafeeq Hasan (University of Chicago)

“Politics, Property, and Personhood: Kant’s Rousseauian Return”


December 9

Taylor Carman (Barnard College)

“Heidegger on the Meaning and Value of Truth”



January 13

Daniel Sutherland (UIC)

“Kant on Cardinality without Fregean Equinumerosity”


January 27

Nate Zuckerman (University of Chicago)

“Heidegger’s Notion of Originary Temporality”


February 6 *Monday Mock Job Talk Meeting* Wieboldt 408, 10:30am

Thomas Land (Cambridge University)

“Judgment and Construction: Kant’s Conception of the Understanding”


February 9 *special Thursday meeting* Wieboldt 408, 4:30pm

Daniel Smyth (University of Chicago)

“Infinity and Givenness: The Intuitive Roots of Spatial Representation”


February 17 (joint meeting with Wittgenstein Workshop)

Matt Boyle (Harvard University)

“Transparent Self-Knowledge”


February 24

Alptekin Sanli (University of Chicago)

“The Concept of Right and Objectivity: Some Preliminary Considerations”


March 9

Jose Torralba (Universidad de Navarra)

“The Individuality and Sociality of Action: the Kingdom of Ends as a Relational Theory of Action”


March 16

Tucker McKinney (University of Chicago)

“Self-Interpretation and the Tragedy of Meaning in Being and Time



April 6

Ulrich Schlösser (University of Toronto)

“Concept Formation, Synthesis, and Judgment”


April 20

Thomas Land (University of Cambridge)

“The Nonconceptualist Reading of Kant and the Transcendental Deduction”


May 4

Johannes Haag (Universität Potsdam)
“The First Act of Self-Knowledge Traced in its Pure Consequence: Fichte on Kant’s Categories”


May 18

Emily Hartz (Southern University of Denmark)

“Subjective Freedom in the Medieval Ages? – Hegel’s Response”







Oct 1

Robert Pippin

“Reason’s Form: Kant on Practical Reason”


Oct 15

Daniel Sutherland  (University of Illinois, Chicago)

“Kant on Ordinals and Cardinals”


Oct 29

Thomas Khurana  (Universität Frankfurt)

“‘Life’ and ‘Autonomy’ – On Two Forms of Self-Grounding Order”


Nov 12

Justin Shaddock (University of Chicago)

“Kant’s Transcendental Method”


Nov 19

Pirmin Stekeler (Universität Leipzig)

“Classified Generic Inference and Modality”

(Joint Meeting With Wittgenstein Workshop)






Jan 7

Thomas Land (University of Chicago)

“Kant on Productive Imagination”


Jan 21

Nate Zuckerman (University of Chicago)

“Existence and Ability: The Aristotelian Insights behind Heidegger’s Conception of Dasein”


Feb 11

Jennifer Lockhart (University of Chicago)

“A Jewel that Shines by its Own Light:  Kierkegaard on Inwardness and Subjective Willing


Feb 18

Johannes Haag (Universität Potsdam)

“The Role of Imagination in Kant’s Theory of Reflective Judgment”




Apr 1

Robert Pippin (University of Chicago)

“After the Beautiful: Hegel and the Philosophy of Visual Modernism”


CONFERENCE: Apr. 2-3 The Philosophy of Anselm Müller


Apr 14 (Thursday Meeting)

John McDowell  (University of Pittsburgh)

“Autonomy and Community: some remarks on the second movement of Brandom’s sonata”

(Joint Meeting with Wittgenstein Workshop)


CONFERENCE: Apr 15-17 Kant & Aristotle on Form and Matter


Apr 29

Matthias Haase (Universität Basel)

“The Laws of Thought and the Power of Thinking”


May 6

Arata Hamawaki (Auburn University)

“Kant, Wittgenstein and the Problem of Knowledge”

(Joint Meeting with Wittgenstein Workshop)


May 13

Sheela Kumar (University of Chicago)

“Kant’s Philosophy of Right”


May 27

Erica Holberg (University of Chicago)

“Against a Two-Stage Reading of Kant’s Conception of Pleasure in the Beautiful”


CONFERENCE: June 2-4 Wittgenstein on the Literary, the Ethical, and the Unsayable

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