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Fall Schedule 2014

Oct 3: David Orsbon (PhD Student, Comparative Literature)

“The Concept of Integumentum in Bernard Silvestris’s Cosmographia: A Reevaluation of the Interplay between Nature, Creation, Humanity, and Text in Twelfth-Century Poetry”

Wieboldt 207


Oct 17: Julie Orlemanski (Assistant Professor, English)

“Symptomatic Subjects: Bodies, Signs, and Narratives in Late Medieval England”

CWAC 153

Potluck in the evening at Prof. Delogu’s, details to be announced


Oct 31: Cameron Cross (PhD Candidate, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)

“Too much a man, or not enough? A lover-king’s dilemma in the medieval romance of Vis and Rāmin”

Wieboldt 207


Nov 14: Jonathan Morton (Visiting Assistant Professor in French, Columbia University)

“Ingenious Genius: invention, creation, reproduction in the High Middle Ages”

Wieboldt 207


Dec 5: David Cantor-Echols (PhD Candidate, History)

“Sovereignty in Crisis: Kingship, Administration, and Historiography in Late Medieval Castile”

Wieboldt 207

Spring Schedule 2014

Friday, April 11: Torsten Edstam, PhD candidate, Department of History

“Beyond the Didascalicon: Hugh of St Victor and Reading Culture in the Low Countries”

Respondent: Jenna Timmons, PhD student, Department of History

Wieboldt 207



Friday, April 25: Frits van Ostroom, University Professor for the Humanities, Utrecht University

“After Huizinga: The Low Countries as Cradle of Spiritual Innovation in the Late Middle Ages.”

Co-sponsored by the Lumen Christi Institute, 3 pm, Swift Lecture Hall

(This paper will not be pre-circulated)


Friday, May 2nd: David Ganz, Visiting Professor of Paleography at Notre Dame

“Charlemagne in the Margins: The Saint Amand Glossed Virgil”

Co-sponsored by Late Antiquity and Byzantium

CWAC 156

(This paper will not be pre-circulated)



Tuesday, May 6 (noon): Babette Hellemans, Assistant Professor of History, University of Groningen

“The letter collection of Abelard and Heloise: Do they mean what they say?”

Wieboldt 111 (NOTE CHANGE IN ROOM!)


Friday, May 16th: Michelle Urberg, PhD candidate, Department of Music

“What’s in a note?: The theological functions of musical literacy among the sisters at Vadstena abbey”

CWAC 156


Friday, May 23: Jessica Andruss, PhD candidate, Divinity School

Historical Thought in Salmon ben Yerūḥīm’s Commentary on Lamentations.”

Respondent: Mohammed Ballan, PhD student, Department of History

Wieboldt 207



Friday, May 30: BA Thesis Presentations (Speakers TBA)

Wieboldt 207



Friday, June 6: Dan Yingst, PhD Candidate, Divinity School

“The Biblical Commentaries of Honorius Augustodunensis”

Respondent: David Orsbon, PhD student in Comparative Literature

CWAC 156

Winter Quarter Schedule

Welcome back to Winter Quarter! Please mark the following dates on your calendar. NB: we will be meeting in both CWAC 152 AND Wieboldt 207, 12:00-1:30pm.



Jan 10- Prof. Robert Mills, Department of Art History, University College London

“Cows, Martyrs, and Other Animals: The ‘Anthropological Machine’ in Medieval Art”

12:00-1:30pm, CWAC 152

Respondent: Claire Jenson, PhD student in Art History


Jan 24th-Beth Woodward, PhD student in Art History

“LeRoman de la Poire: Constructing Courtliness and “Courtly” Art in Gothic France”

 12:00-1:30pm, CWAC 152

Respondent: Jacqueline Victor, PhD student in Romance Languages & Literatures


Feb 7-Erika Trittle, PhD candidate in the History of Christianity (Divinity School)

“Baptismal Theology and Civil Nobility: A Shotgun Wedding in Fifteenth-Century Castile?”

12:00-1:30pm, Wieboldt 207

Respondent: David Cantor-Echols, PhD candidate in History


March 7-Leah Shopkow, Associate Professor, Department of History, Indiana University Bloomington

“Beyond Content: What Does It Mean to Think Like a Medievalist?”

Note: Paper will not be pre-circulated

12:00-1:30pm, Wieboldt 207


March 21- Chris Fletcher, PhD candidate in the Department of History

“Aperius, Clarius, Dulcius: Doctrine, Letters, and the Making of Theological Discipline.”

12:00-1:30pm, CWAC 152

Respondent: Lisa Scott, PhD candidate in the Department of History