Spring 2015 Schedule:

Unless otherwise noted, all spring quarter meetings will take place at a new time on Fridays from 12:30 pm to 2:20 pm, in Rosenwald 208.

April 3:
‘Defending the Standard View of Borderline Cases’
Brian Weatherson (Philosophy, University of Michigan)

April 17:
‘Pragmatic intensification between semantic and social meaning’
Andrea Beltrama (PhD Candidate, Linguistics)

April 24:
‘Can Facts About Legal Practice Adjudicate Between Theories of Vagueness?’
NEW TIME: 11:30 am to 1:20 pm
Hrafn Asgeirsson (Philosophy, University of Iceland)

May 29:
‘Explaining the Actuality Operator Away’
John MacKay (Philosophy, University of Wisconsin)

June 5:
‘Dimensions and degrees of virtue: when to agree, and when to agree to disagree’
Sophia Sklaviadis (PhD Student, Philosophy)

Persons with a disability who believe they may need assistance, please contact the graduate coordinator, Matt Teichman, at teichman at uchicago dot edu.


Winter 2015 Schedule:

January 16:
‘The future in Greek and Italian: metaphysical and epistemic dimensions’
Anastasia Giannakidou (UChicago) and Alda Mari (Institut Jean Nicod)

February 6:
‘Evidential Subjectivity’
Tamara Vardomskaya (PhD Candidate, Linguistics)

February 20:
‘Names in de re belief reports: problems with conceptual covers and a new analysis of identity’
Patrick Munoz (PhD Candidate, Linguistics)

February 27:
Book discussion with Peter Lasersohn
(contact Matt Teichman for manuscript)
Logan Center 028


Fall 2014 Schedule:

October 31:
‘Predictive Sentences and Modality’
Fabrizio Cariani (Northwestern University, Philosophy)

November 14:
‘Non-mereological Semantics’
Rebekah Baglini (PhD Candidate, Linguistics)

November 21:
‘How Questions and Answers Cohere’
Mandy Simons (Carnegie Mellon University, Philosophy)

December 12:
‘Language and Ontology’
Matt Teichman (PhD Candidate, Philosophy)


Spring 2014 Schedule:

April 4:
‘Context Dependence and Discourse Effects in Knowledge Attributions’
Michael Glanzberg (Northwestern University, Philosophy)

April 25:
‘Failure-Free Extrasemantic Content’
Jonathan Cohen (UCSD, Philosophy)

May 2:
‘Epistemic Contradictions’
Daniel Rothschild (University College London, Philosophy)

May 9:
‘On the Semantics and Pragmatics of Epistemic Vocabulary’
Sarah Moss (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Philosophy)

May 16:
‘What (deontic) hafta reveals about preferences’
Anthony S. Gillies (Rutgers University, Philosophy)

May 23:
Another Case For Dynamic Conditionals
Malte Willer (University of Chicago, Philosophy)

May 30:
Linguistic Returns
Matt Teichman (PhD Candidate, Philosophy)

June 6:
Title TBA
Timothy Grinsell (PhD Candidate, Linguistics)


Winter 2014 Schedule:

January 31:
‘Temporal Orientation and Modality’
Peet Klecha (Linguistics, PhD candidate, University of Chicago)

February 7:
‘States, degrees, and the semantics of lexical categories’
Rebekah Baglini (Linguistics, PhD candidate, University of Chicago)

February 21:
‘Elusive Counterfactuals’
Karen Lewis (Philosophy, Columbia University)

February 28:
‘Optimal use of gradable adjectives: the effect of scale structure & prior expectations’
Michael Franke (ILLC, Amsterdam)

March 14:
‘On Two Paradoxes of Information’
Anubav Vasudevan (Philosophy, University of Chicago)


Fall 2013 Schedule:

Unless otherwise noted, all fall quarter meetings will take place on Fridays from 11:30 am to 1:20 pm, in Harper 148.

October 4:
‘States in the Semantic Ontology’
Rebekah Baglini (Philosophy, PhD candidate, University of Chicago)

October 11:
‘Procedural Names and Descriptive Names’
Haim Gaifman (Philosophy, Columbia University)

October 18:
(special meeting time: 11:00-1:00)
(special meeting place: Landahl Center seminar room (basement of Social Sciences))
‘What Makes a Property Semantic’
Michael Devitt (Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center)

November 1:
‘Lessons From Descriptive Indexicals’
Kjell Johan Sæbø (ILOS, University of Oslo)

TUESDAY, November 19:
(special meeting time: 3:00-5:00)
(special meeting place: TBA)
‘Assertions, Polar Questions, and the Land in Between’
Donka Farkas (Linguistics, University of California at Santa Cruz)

November 22:
‘Term kinds in Aristotelian modal logic’
Joshua Mendelsohn (Philosophy, PhD student, University of Chicago)


Spring 2013

(1) Heather Burnett (Linguistics, Montréal & Institute Jean Nicod, ENS)
F Apr 5 (Week 1), 11.30-1.30

Chicago Linguistics Society 49
F Apr 18-Su Apr 20

(2) Galit Sassoon (LLCC, Hebrew U), “Size adjectives as adjectives”
M May 6 (Week 6), 10.00am-12.00noon in Classics 312 (Linguistics department lounge)
Note special day, time, and location!

(3) Chieu Nguyen (Linguistics, UChicago)
F May 17 (Week 7), 11.30-1.30

(4) Haim Gaifman (Philosophy, Columbia)
F May 24 (Week 8), 11.30-1.30

(5) Ryan Bochnak and Peet Klecha (Linguistics, UChicago)
F June 7 (Week 10), 11.30-1.30


Winter 2013

Meetings will take place on Fridays from 11.30am to 1.30pm in Wieboldt 408 (same time, new location).

(1) Daniel Lassiter (Psychology, Stanford)
Friday Jan 18 (Week 2)
Compositional Probabilistic Models of Vagueness: Computational Implementation, Experimental Evidence, and Cognitive Implications

(1.5) Ryan Bochnak (Linguistics PhD student)
Friday Jan 25 (Week 3)
Comparatives and cross-linguistic semantics

(2) Matt Teichman (Philosophy PhD student)
Friday Feb 8 (Week 5)
Characterizing Kinds

(3) Walter Pedersen (Linguistics, McGill)
Friday Feb 22 (Week 7)
A scalar analysis of again

(4) Stewart Shapiro (Philosophy, Ohio State)
Friday Mar 1 (Week 8)
Vagueness, open-texture, and retrievability

(5) Nic Koziolek (Philosophy PhD student)
Friday Mar 8 (Week 9)
Towards a Neo-Fregean Theory of Propositional Attitude Ascriptions


Autumn 2012

We will have four meetings this quarter, all of which will take place on Fridays from 11.30am to 1.30pm in Harper Memorial 148.

(1) Timothy Grinsell (PhD student in Linguistics, UChicago)
Friday Oct 26 (Week 4)
Votes for vagueness: why the English progressive is vague, and what Congress can do about it

(2) David Etlin (Philosophy, Groningen)
Friday Nov 9 (Week 6)
Vague Desire: the Sorites and the Money Pump

(3) Kristina Liefke (PhD student in Philosophy, Munich)
Friday Nov 16 (Week 7)
A Single-Type Semantics for Natural Language

(4) Ezra Cook (PhD student in Philosophy, Northwestern)
Friday Nov 30 (Week 9)
Epistemic Modals and Common Ground