Winter Quarter Schedule (unless noted otherwise, all sessions meet from 4:30 – 6 pm in the John Hope Franklin Room, Social Sciences 224)

Thursday, January 7 

Topher Kindell, PhD Student

Dissertation Proposal: “Contagious Currents: Public Health, Infectious Diseases, and the Transurban Pacific, 1869-1914”

Discussant: Nicholas Kryczka, PhD Student


Thursday, January 21

Peter Wirzbicki, Harper-Schmidt Fellow, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences

Article: “The Educations of Alexander Crummell: Black Romanticism, ‘Mental Philosophy,’ and the Making of the Abolitionist Self”


Tuesday, February 9

Adam Rowe, PhD Candidate

Dissertation Chapter: “One State, Miscalled the United States”

Discussant: Larry Bauer, PhD Candidate


Wednesday, February 24 – Special Time: 12:30 – 2pm

State of the Social History Workshop

All are invited to join us as we discuss the current state of the Social History Workshop: What is our mission? Should we change our name to reflect our members’ diverse methodologies and our geographic focus? Should we alter our regular meeting time/day to make meetings more accessible?



Thursday, March 3 – HISTORY DAY

Kai Parker, PhD Candidate

Dissertation Chapter: “The Location of Charisma: The Chicago Freedom Movement and Black Religious Space”

Discussant: Evelyn Atkinson, PhD Student


Thursday, March 10

Amy Lippert, Assistant Professor of American History and the College

Article: “The Visual Pedagogy of Reform: Picturing White Slavery in America”

Discussant: Kevin Mumford, Professor of History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign