Dec 13

Winter schedule 2014

Although we have one more presentation this quarter (Dec 5, see last post for details), we are excited to now post the winter quarter schedule for the Social Theory Workshop!

All papers will be distributed in advance of the workshops via the Social Theory Workshop list serv. To join this list serv go to: lists.uchicago.edu and search for “Social Theory”

The following workshops will be held on Thursdays at 6pm.

Jan 16
“The dual character of paperwork in the Qing Empire’s treaty ports”
Stacie Kent
PhD Candidate
Department of History
University of Chicago

Jan. 30
“Duels in the European Novel: Class, Honor, and the Limits of a Bourgeois Form”
Ben Merriman
PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology
University of Chicago

Feb 13
“On the Impossibility of an International Left Movement in Europe”
Eli Thorkelson
PhD Candidate
Department of Anthropology
University of Chicago

Feb. 27
“Who are Choice Feminists? Competing Proposals for the Revival of Progressive Feminism”
Ashleigh Campi
PhD Student
Department of Political Science
University of Chicago

March 13
“A Crisis of Internalization: Jessica Benjamin, the Frankfurt School, and the Waning of the Oedipus Complex”
Benjamin Y. Fong
Harper Fellow in the Society of Fellows at the University of Chicago
and Collegiate Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences Collegiate Division

Jan 11

Jan 24 Robin Bates

The next meeting of the Social Theory Workshop will take place this coming Monday, January 24 at 8pm in Wilder House (5811 S. Kenwood Ave). We will be discussing a paper by PhD candidate Robin Bates, entitled, “An Empire within an Empire: Écouen and the Cultural Logic of Napoleonic France, 1804-1815″

Those needing a copy of the paper should email Stacie Hanneman at sakent@uchicago.edu

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Persons with a disability who believe they may need assistance, please call Stacie Hanneman in advance at 773-330-1130.