Schedule 2014-2015

Spring Quarter

Monday, March 30 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801)  Brian Berry (PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature)

Apr 10-12 (Full program here, Logan Center & Chicago Cultural Center) 2nd Biennial Performance Philosophy Conference: What Can Performance Philosophy Do? (

April 17-18 (T.B.D.) Conference: Theatrophobia and Theatromania in Early-Modern Europe

April 17-18 (Full program here, Logan Center for the Arts) Performing Bodies:  Gesture, Embodiment, and Affect on Screen. Graduate Student Conference hospted by the Department of Cinema & Media Studies

Wednesday, May 13 (4:30-6:00pm, Rosenwald 432) Professor Ellen MacKay (Indiana University-Bloomington). “Absorption, Uncontainment, and Cleopatra’s Barge.”Co-sponsored with the Renaissance Workshop

Monday, May 18 (4:30-6pm, Logan Center 802) Director, Playwright, and Artistic Director Malcolm Purkey (Dean, South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance). “Market Theater, Johannesburg-Apartheid, Post Apartheid – Six Lessons for an Artistic Director”

Thursday, May 28 (4:30-6pm, Logan Center 802) Anne Rebull (PhD Candidate, EALC). “A Korean Classic on the Chinese Stage: Theatrical Diplomacy and Artistic Innovation in Tale of Chunxiang (春香)”

Monday, June 1 (4:30-6pm, Logan Center 802) Professor Liu Siyuan (Theatre Studies, University of British Columbia). “The Cross Currents of Modern Theatre and China’s National Theatre Movement of 1925-1926″

Winter Quarter

Monday, January 12 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801)  Sascha Förster (Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Dept. of Theatre at Northwestern University, Research Assistant at the University of Cologne), “Redeveloping Zeitgeist: Architecture and Memory within the National Theatre London.”

* A reception will follow with graduate students from The Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University.

Monday, January 26 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801) Ted Gordon (Ph.D. Student, Department of Music) and Jessica Peritz (Ph.D. Student, Department of Music), Dissertation Proposal Workshop

SPECIAL LECTURE                                                                                                         Monday, February 9 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801)
Rebecca Schneider (Professor of Theater Arts & Performance, Brown University), “Extending a Hand: Lithic Liveness, Neoanimisms, and Agential Theatricality”

* A reception will follow Professor Schneider’s workshop.

Tuesday, February 10 (12:00-1:30pm, Richard & Mary L. Gray Center Lab)
Rebecca Schneider (Professor of Theater Arts & Performance, Brown University), “Acting in Ruins” Lunch will be served.

Monday, February 23 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801) Reggie Jackson (Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Civilizations) “Slavery and the Gestural Economies of Medieval Noh Performance”

Monday, March 9 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801) Tadashi Uchino (Professor, University of Tokyo) “‘Database Animals’ and the Avant-garde: Materializing Transnational, Transient Subjectivities in Posthumanity”

Autumn Quarter

Monday, October 6 (3:00-4:30pm*, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801) Amy Stebbins (Ph.D. Student, Germanics/Cinema & Media Studies), “The Theater of Contestation: the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 1989-2001″

Monday, October 20 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801)  Marcy Pierson (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Music), Voice and Techne in Music for 18 Musicians”

Monday, November 10 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801) Professor Kristine Harris (History and Asian Studies, SUNY New Paltz; Visiting Scholar, EALC), “Summoning the Spirit: Traces of an Early Chinese Opera Film”

Monday, November 17 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801) Professor David Levin (Departments of Germanics, CMS, and TAPS) and Saar Magal (Director/Choreographer, Tel Aviv)

Monday, December 1 (4:30-6pm, Logan Seminar Terrace Room, 801) Professor Yan Haiping (Crosscultural Studies, Shanghai Jiaotong University) Co-hosted with APEA (Arts and Politics of East Asia)

*Irregular meeting time or location.

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