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On Tuesday April 5, the Theology Workshop will welcome Professor Willemien Otten to discuss her recent essay:

Creation and Epiphanic Incarnation. Reflections on the Future of Natural Theology from an Eriugenian-Emersonian Perspective

Josh Daniel  will respond.

If you would like a copy of this essay, please email Tim Hiller at or Jeff Fowler at

The workshop will meet at 4:30 in S201.

On Tuesday March 29, Kevin Vanhoozer from Wheaton College will discuss a chapter from his recent book Remythologizing Theology, entitled:

“Impassible Compassion? From Divine Pathos to Divine Patience”

The paper should be read before coming to the Workshop.

David Newhesier will respond.

The workshop will meet at 4:30 in S201.

On Friday March 18, the Theology Workshop will gather in S400  at 12:00 to discuss Prof. Marius Timmann Mjaaland’s article:

“Immorality: Luther on Futility, Pride, and Deception”

Lunch will also be served.

On Tuesday March 8, the Theology Workshop will gather in S200  at 4:30 to discuss a draft of chapter of Ryan Coyne’s upcoming manuscript entitled:

“The End of Care: Carelessness and Temporality in the Late Heidegger”

Daniel Schultz will respond.

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