Monthly Archive for January, 2013

Friday, February 1

Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame) “Conceptual analysis and logic in Frege” 1:30–4:20pm Rosenwald 432 Professor Blanchette has recommended that, in advance of the workshop, participants read Chapter 4 of her book Frege’s Conception of Logic. The chapter is available here. The talk will presuppose that participants have read the chapter. (If you need the password to […]

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Friday, January 18

Sandra Lapointe (McMaster University) “Bolzano, Quine, and Logical Truth” 1:30–4:20pm Rosenwald 432 The paper and a handout are available here. (If you need the password, please email Nic at nkoziolek at uchicago dot edu.)

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