Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Friday, May 31

Marko Malink (University of Chicago) “Bolzano’s Reception of Aristotle’s Logic” 1:30–4:20pm Cobb 430 (Joint meeting with the German Philosophy Workshop.) The paper will not be distributed in advance.

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Call for Papers

The Too Early Wittgenstein? International Conference and Graduate Workshop on the Philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Birkbeck, University of London Call for papers and more details here.

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Friday, May 24

Amos Browne (University of Chicago, graduate student) “Rationality, intelligibility, and explanation: Davidson and Wittgenstein” Cobb 430 1:30–4:20pm The paper will not be distributed in advance, but Amos recommends reading pp. 104–114 of David Finkelstein’s Expression and the Inner.

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