Join us this Friday for Prof. David Finkelstein’s talk, “‘Can’t I say both?': Investigations §682 and Wittgenstein on First-Personal Memory”.

We meet, as usual, at Cobb 112, 1:30pm-4:30pm.  Finkelstein.001

Join us this Friday to hear and discuss Christian Martin’s papMartin.001er, “Poetry as a Form of Knowledge”. we meet as usual in Cobb 112, at 1:30pm.

This Friday, October 17, we will be hosting Prof. Irad Kimhi (Chicago) to heKimhi.001ar and discuss his paper, “Is the Mystery of Negation a Mystery for the Stranger? (Quietism and non-Quietism in Plato’s Sophist)”. We’ll meet in Cobb 112, at 1:30.



Please go to this page for our schedule for the year.

On Friday, June 13 we will hear and discuss Prof. Paulo Faria  (Rio Grande do Sul) “The Vagaries of Actions and the Verities of Meanings“.

Please note our irregular time: we will meet at 2:30pm, and our meeting will run until 5pm.

Location: Social Science 302

This Friday, our very own Amos Browne will be presenting his paper, “Expression and Understanding“.

We’ll meet at Social Science 302 at 1:30pm

Prof. Sören Stenlund (Uppsala) will be visiting us next weekend. On Friday, May 16, Prof. Stenlund will give his paper entitled “Wittgenstein and Symbolic Mathematics”. We will meet at 1:30 (at Social Science 302).

On Saturday, May 17, Prof. Stenlund will hold a mini-seminar on his short book, The Origin of Symbolic Mathematics and the End of the Science of Quantity. An electronic version is available. We will meet at 11am, at Stuart 216 (Anscombe Library). To enter Stuart building on Saturday, go to Harper 2 floor and use the bridge. Or call me at 773-251-6218.

Both events are organized jointly with the German Philosophy Workshop.


Sluga May 2.001This Friday, May 2, Prof. Hans Sluga (Berkeley) will be presenting his paper, “‘What has history to do with me?': Timelessness, Time, and Historical Contingency in Wittgenstein”.

Please note we will meet at an irregular location: Rosenwald 301, at 1:30.

The paper can be accessed here.




On Friday, April 18, Avner Baz (Tufts) will present his paper “The Sound of Bedrock: Lines of Grammar between Kant, Wittgenstein, and Cavell”. The paper is now accessible here. We meet at at Social Science 302 (at 1:30pm).

On Friday, April 4, Prof. Michael Kremer will present his paper,  “A Capacity for Getting Things Right: Gilbert Ryle on Knowledge”. The paper will not be circulated in advance.

Please note our workshop will meet at Social Science 302 (at 1:30pm). This is our room for the Spring quarter (with one exception, which will be announced in due time).


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