Sluga May 2.001This Friday, May 2, Prof. Hans Sluga (Berkeley) will be presenting his paper, “‘What has history to do with me?': Timelessness, Time, and Historical Contingency in Wittgenstein”.

Please note we will meet at an irregular location: Rosenwald 301, at 1:30.

The paper can be accessed here.




On Friday, April 18, Avner Baz (Tufts) will present his paper “The Sound of Bedrock: Lines of Grammar between Kant, Wittgenstein, and Cavell”. The paper is now accessible here. We meet at at Social Science 302 (at 1:30pm).

On Friday, April 4, Prof. Michael Kremer will present his paper,  “A Capacity for Getting Things Right: Gilbert Ryle on Knowledge”. The paper will not be circulated in advance.

Please note our workshop will meet at Social Science 302 (at 1:30pm). This is our room for the Spring quarter (with one exception, which will be announced in due time).


Pascal poster for website.001

This Friday, our own Pascal Brixel will present his paper, “Contextualism and the Very Idea of a Philosophical Theory”, which is available here .

We meet at 1:30pm in Wieboldt 408.



On Wednesday, March 12, at 4:30pm,  in Classics 110, The Society of Fellows Workshop will host David Egan (Chicago, Society of Fellows) who will present his paper, “Rehabilitating Austin”. Wittgenstein Workshop members are welcome to attend.
David has asked to share the following:
Dear all,
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and apologies that it’s slightly on the long side. This paper is an attempt to extract something for journal publication from my doctoral thesis on ordinary language philosophy. Besides the normal questions (like “is it any good?”) I’d be interested in any thoughts about structure. As it stands, it’s a bit too long for journal submission. I’m tempted to cut section 4 and then add a bit more to section 3 that engages more recent work on the semantic/pragmatic distinction. But I’d be interested if you thought the discussion of Searle and the discussion of Grice really ought to stay together.
Speaking of cuts, if you’re pressed for time, section 4 is probably the most skippable.

Upcoming events

On March 14, we will close the quarter with our own Pascal Brixel, who will discuss his paper “Second-Order Contextualism”. Our very busy schedule for next quarter is as follows:

April 4 – Michael Kremer (Chicago)

April 18 -Avner Baz (Tufts)

May 2 – Hans Sluga (Berkeley)

May 16 -Sören Stenlund (Uppsala): Wittgenstein and Symbolic Mathematics

May 30 – Amos Browne (Chicago)

June 13 – Paulo Faria (Rio Grande do Sul)



This should be of interest to our workshop’s participants: Robert May (UC Davis) is talking at the Linguistics Departmental Colloquium on Feb. 20, 3:30-:500pm, at Harper Memorial room 130. The title of May’s talk is “Leibniz’s Problem, Frege’s Puzzle”.

On Friday, February 14, at 10:30am, we will join the Literature and Philosophy Workshop to discuss Kelly Jolley’s paper “Disposable Thinking”. The paper is available to download here . Location: Foster 505.

Please note: Also on Friday, starting at 2pm, the Benjamin as Philosopher Conference will take place at the Franke Institute.


Haase poster 1We are very excited to announce that this Friday (January 31) Prof. Matthias Haase (Leipzig) will present his paper “Power and Habit”.
We meet at our usual time (1:30-4:30) and at the usual place (Wieboldt 408).
Reception and dinner to follow. Please contact Gilad if you would like to join dinner.

Martin Gustafsson.001

On Friday, January 17, we will host Martin Gustafsson (Åbo Akademi University). Prof. Gustafsson’s paper, “Wittgenstein on using language and playing chess: the breakdown of an analogy, and its consequences” is now available online.


Our meeting will take place in our regular location and at the regular time, Wieboldt 408, 1:30-4:30. Reception will follow at the Anscombe Library.


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