Santiago Mejia.001This Friday, we are delighted to host Santiago Mejia to discuss his paper, The Ethical Relevance of First-Personal Self-Knowledge. The paper is available here.

We meet, as usual, at 1:30pm in Wieboldt 408.

Shaw.001Please join us this Friday January 30 for a workshop with Prof. James Shaw (University of Pittsburgh), discussing his paper “Agreement and Circumstance in the Philosophical Investigations”.



As background for the meeting, Prof. Shaw proposes we look into the first part of his short, two-part monograph on the role of human agreement in the Philosophical Investigations. At the workshop he will discuss a few different ideas and themes drawn from this material (basically, chapters 1-5).

The text is available here.

Since this is a lot to read, Prof. Shaw notes the following:

Ideally, I would have loved to say that readers can just skip through the intermediary chapters to get to the important bits (chapter 5 in particular). But reading, and rereading, I doubt that’s really a helpful thing to do. So I would say that readers who can’t make it all the way should just read as far as they feel comfortable. Anyone who makes it to the end of chapter 4, for example, will have a very good idea of what I’m up to. And truly, even if readers don’t even get that far, I’ll do my best at the beginning of the session to give a succinct summary, the rough outlines of which one should be able to follow with relatively little background. That’s my hope at any rate.

Egan.001This Friday, January 16 we will host David Egan (Chicago, Society of Fellows) to discuss his paper, “How To Undo Things With Words: Wittgenstein and Heidegger on Dissolving Philosophical Problems”. The paper is now available, Here.

Our meetings this quarter will take place at Wieboldt 408. We meet, as usual, at 1:30pm.

This Friday, the workshop will join forces with the Department of Philosophy’s Graduate Research Conference. We will meet at 1:15 pm at Saieh Hall room 021.

Please note the irregular time and place. Saieh 021 is in the basement level of the old Seminary building.

Our speaker will be Tuomo Tiisala, who’s talk is titled “Power and Freedom in the Space of Reasons”. We encourage you to also attend other talks in this conference – please see the attached program.image003

Join us this Friday for Prof. David Finkelstein’s talk, “‘Can’t I say both?': Investigations §682 and Wittgenstein on First-Personal Memory”.

We meet, as usual, at Cobb 112, 1:30pm-4:30pm.  Finkelstein.001

Join us this Friday to hear and discuss Christian Martin’s papMartin.001er, “Poetry as a Form of Knowledge”. we meet as usual in Cobb 112, at 1:30pm.

This Friday, October 17, we will be hosting Prof. Irad Kimhi (Chicago) to heKimhi.001ar and discuss his paper, “Is the Mystery of Negation a Mystery for the Stranger? (Quietism and non-Quietism in Plato’s Sophist)”. We’ll meet in Cobb 112, at 1:30.



Please go to this page for our schedule for the year.

On Friday, June 13 we will hear and discuss Prof. Paulo Faria  (Rio Grande do Sul) “The Vagaries of Actions and the Verities of Meanings“.

Please note our irregular time: we will meet at 2:30pm, and our meeting will run until 5pm.

Location: Social Science 302

This Friday, our very own Amos Browne will be presenting his paper, “Expression and Understanding“.

We’ll meet at Social Science 302 at 1:30pm

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