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Jawad Qureshi on al-Albānī

Jawad Qureshi.Al-Albani’s Salafi MethodologyQureshi Flyer

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Rodrigo Adem on the Ḥanbalī Reception of Kalām

On February 6, 2014, Rodrigo Adem presented on the reception of dialectical theology in the Ḥanbalī school. So often described as products of radically different intellectual trends, Adem complicates understandings that oppose textual studies to systematic theologies.

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Maryam Kashani’s “Cultivating Awe and Certainty”

Come join us for discussion of “Cultivating Awe and Certainty”, an ethnography on astronomy and religious practice in the contemporary US, Thursday March 6 at 4pm in Swift 106.

Professor Alireza Doostdar will respond.

Kashani.Cultivating Awe and Certainty

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Ayse Polat on the Qur’an in Print in the Ottoman Empire

Polat Ch2 The Late Ott Print Regime I-Qur’an

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|The Square| Screening 13 Feb 4:30pm


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Mohamad Ballan’s “They Shall Come to You from the West with God’s Religion: Ibāḍī Doctrine and Berber Identity in Ibn Sallām’s Kitāb”

Ballan.Ibadi Doctrine and Berber Identity

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Winter ’14 Schedule

Winter '14 Schedule Flyer 2Winter '14 Schedule Flyer

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Teaching Religious Law in an Age of Sensation An Islamic Studies Workshop Meeting with Professor Ahmed El Shamsy

El Shamsy Teaching Islamic Law

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Presentation: Alexander Orwin, “Beauty, Diversity, and Transience: Revisiting Democracy in Alfarabi and Averroes.”

Both Alfarabi and Averroes left substantial discussions of democracy, which ought to be of particular interest in view of the push for democracy taking place in several Islamic societies today. While the influential interpretation of these passages by Mahdi and Najjar does not present these philosophers as strong supporters of modern democracy, this interpretation has recently been challenged by Khalidi, inducing us to revisit these discussions.
Mr. Orwin will present his work Thursday 31 October at 4:30pm in Swift 106. Swift Hall is located at
1025 E 58th St
Chicago, IL 60637

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About Us

Zillij 2

We hope that with your participation the Islamic Studies Workshop it will flourish as an intellectual forum that will attract students from multiple disciplines such as Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Political Science, Committee on African and African-American Studies, Committee for Social Thought Art History, English Language and Literature, Gender Studies, Philosophy, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, etc. We hope to examine a variety of phenomena (political, social, philosophical, artistic, scientific, economic, etc.) through the lens of Islamic traditions. The intersection of all the topics explored in the workshop will be Islam in the most general sense; it will not be geographically or temporally bound. We hope that the Islamic Studies workshop will provide students a much-needed space in which to explore how Islam informs singular historical events and shapes societies as the primary object of inquiry.

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